Land Development

Developing land is a complex area and needs a team of people to produce a successful result. If your project requires just two lots or over two hundred, we have the team that has a proven track record with established developers.

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Engineering & Mining

BE Surveys provide professional, safe and reliable survey solutions for all forms of mine surveying throughout WA.
We are substantially resourced with experienced and dedicated staff with the technology required to manage projects of any size from start to completion.

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Construction & Infrastructure

BE Surveys are specialists in construction and infrastructure surveying, with an experienced workforce we can supply all your survey construction requirements.

We have the proven ability with large civil construction companies, engineering companies, commercial builders and home builders and can provide a premier service on your construction project.

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3D Scanning & Aerial Mapping

We can survey features quickly, efficiently and most importantly from a safe distance. We don’t need to be in the operating area and you often don’t need to shut down any plant or machinery. Production can continue often with zero downtime.

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Marine & Bathymetric

BE Surveys are leaders in the surveying of bodies of water, specialising in capturing underwater topography in areas where it is considered unsafe to use conventional techniques. BE Surveys has designed and developed a remote controlled survey boat capable of capturing surface data from 0.3m to 60m deep and from small bodies of water to those stretching more than 1km wide.

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Commercial Case Studies

BE Surveys have undertaken a wide variety of commercial projects.  Our case studies are a testament of our commitment to our clients to deliver a professional service on time and on budget.

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