3D Scanning and Aerial Mapping

3D Scanning and Aerial Mapping

3D Laser Scanning Surveys

We can survey features quickly, efficiently and most importantly from a safe distance. We don’t need to be in the operating area and you often don’t need to shut down any plant or machinery. Production can continue often with zero downtime. Our clients use Scanning for:

  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Building Surveys
  • Refineries and processing plants
  • Mining Infrastructure
  • Storage Bin Surveys
  • Volume comparisons
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Open cut Pits
  • Areas of Bulk Earthworks
  • General Terrain and Surface pickups
  • Any Complex structures
  • 3D surface models
  • Architecture
  • Reverse engineering


Aerial mapping AscTec Falcon

Aerial Mapping Surveys (UAV)

Using our aerial imaging and mapping solutions, we can capture data in the most difficult to reach locations.

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