Fuel Storage Tank Volumes

Category: Scanning
Project: Refinery Tank Scans
Client: Large Mining Company
Location: Western Australia
Timeframe: August 2014


We were approached by a client to survey three tanks located on their site.  The roofs of the three tanks needed to be replaced, knowing the exact position of the platform anchor points and existing features.

These tanks had no drawings therefore a model would be required to redesign them.


  • The tanks were on three different levels; the lowest was 18m above ground, followed by 25m and 30m for the last tank.
  • Multiple structures were restricting view.
  • The vibration levels were high.
  • The clients wanted to be able to view the model on any computer for display purposes.3D Scanning Case Study


The Job consisted of 20 scan locations, 25 spheres to be placed, 1.6 GB of raw data and contained over 235 million points. The spheres were a part of a temporary complex network of control which would assist in registering all the scans together, with accuracies less than 2mm, as the first step of processing.

Using the higher accuracies of the scanner, we were able to overcome the vibration issues. We created a 3D PDF which could be viewed on any computer or smart phone. This allowed the clients to be able to quickly load up the model, rotate, zoom and obtain quick measurements. We also provided a simple html page that could allow the clients to roam through our scanning setups in full colour, where they could also take measurements.

Our model assisted the client in the re-design of the new roof and in creating a schedule for fitting the most efficient way.

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