Mat’s Success Story – Survey Strata Subdivision

Mat’s Success Story – Survey Strata Subdivision

Category: Survey Strata Subdivision
Project: 10275
Client: Mat Boyd
Location: Rockingham
Timeframe: September 2014


Mat contacted BE Surveys (BES) to undertake a subdivision on his Rockingham property in March this year. He wanted to do a 3 Lot Freehold subdivision. The initial survey work was completed and an Approval subject to conditions was obtained in June.


Shortly after receiving this approval, Mat lost his job and requested that the subdivision be placed on hold for a few months until he was re-employed. Also during that time he heard that the Council were likely to approve a higher density on his Lot. Mat had a number of conversations with the professionals at BE Surveys to seek advice on the best way to proceed from here.


Mat has secured another job and has now decided to apply for a Survey Strata Subdivision. BE Surveys worked with the client to achieve a proposed 4 Lot subdivision and met the client’s timeframe to lodge the application.

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