Phil and Jill’s Success Story – Two Lot Subdivision

Phil and Jill’s Success Story – Two Lot Subdivision

Category: Survey Strata Subdivision
Project: Two lot subdivision
Client: Phil and Jill Barker
Location: Harvey WA
Timeframe: July 2014


Phil and Jill Barker wanted to undertake a two lot residential survey strata subdivision in Harvey.


A relatively straight forward project was unable to be completed under the original approval by the existing surveyor and a new application process had to be undertaken. Due to the cost impacts and time delays, relations had soured to a point where they could no longer communicate or work together.


BE Surveys were able to step in and support Phil and Jill finalise their project in the most cost effective and efficient timeframe possible so that pending sales contracts could be effected with the issue of the new titles from their Survey Strata Plan.

BE Surveys have now become Phil and Jill’s preferred Survey Suppliers and are already completing their next subdivision development in Halls Head.

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