Ray and Sandra Martin – Subdivision Bunbury

Ray and Sandra Martin – Subdivision Bunbury

Category: Freehold Subdivision
Client: Ray & Sandra Martin
Location: Bunbury
Timeframe: June 2015


Ray & Sandra contacted BE Surveys to undertake a 2 Lot Freehold Subdivision in Bunbury at the beginning of this year. In a timely manner the proposed subdivision plan was drawn up and the Approval for subdivision was lodged. BE Surveys monitored the subdivision process and advised the client of their approval promptly. Within days of the approval a subsequent quote was issued to proceed with the next stage of the process.


The clients are not familiar with the subdivision process. They needed guidance and support. Be Surveys took the time needed to ensure that Ray & Sandra understand the conditions and what needs to be done to ensure that the conditions are met.


At this moment the clients are working through the condition management of the Freehold Subdivision process. Ray and Sandra said that they are looking forward to achieving their 2 Lot Freehold Subdivision in the near future with the great support of BE Surveys.