Bathymetric Case Study – Newmont Boddington Gold Mine

Bathymetric Case Study – Newmont Boddington Gold Mine

Category: Bathymetric Survey
Project: RDA F1 Water Volume Survey
Client: Newmont
Location: Boddington Gold Mine
Timeframe: May 2013 – Ongoing

BE Survey PosicraftBES – Survey Boat

The BE Surveys’s Remote Controlled Survey Boat offers accurate and detailed Bathymetric Surveys of underwater depths and floor topography. With its advanced position technology and extremely accurate depth radio sounders, the BE Surveys’s Remote Controlled Survey Boat has the ability to survey depths from 0.3m to 60m and areas up to 1km in width.


Newmont Boddington Gold Mine is located in the Shire of Boddington, approximately 12km northwest of the town of Boddington and 120km southeast of Perth, Western Australia. The gold and copper mining operations at Boddington first commenced operating in 1987 mining shallow oxide materials. Following a feasibility study in 2006, mining operations involving Basement Ore-Mining recommenced with an anticipated mine life of 15 – 20 years. In 2012, Boddington Gold Mine produced 728,000 ounces of gold and 58 million pounds of copper.


BE Surveys were asked to survey a large tailings dam at the Newmont Boddington Gold Mine on a monthly basis. The client needed to track the volume of water stored in the dam as running short of water would shut the mine operation down. As the dam was used for tailings storage the floor levels beneath the water were constantly changing and required resurveying. Along with the water volumes, NBG requested detailed contour diagrams displaying tailings run-off settlement along with cross-sections at various parts of the lake.


With RDA F1 spanning over 1km in width at times, equipment with reliable long distance tracking was required. Our Survey Boat using the on-board tracking prism can be tracked across vast distances, ideal for large scale mining dams and lakes. Being such a large lake, elements such as wind, fog and variant temperatures made it difficult but by using specified equipment, BE Surveys were able to obtain survey accuracy.


With the aid of the BE Surveys design and drafting team, the end product included a contoured colour banded surface overlayed onto an aerial photograph. The plot also provided water volumes at 100mm increments and sections showing tailings growth over time. Below is the plot.

Bathymetric case study - plot

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