Tailing Dam Design

Tailing Dam Design

Category: Tailings Dam
Project: Design New Containment Walls
Client: Large Mining Company
Location: Western Australia
Timeframe: April 2013 to May 2014 (construction)


BE Surveys were asked to design walls around the north, west and south of a Tailings Dam to provide enough containment for around 3-5 years. The Tailings Dam was approximately 600 x 600m.


  • Tailings continued to be poured in the dam during construction of the walls.
  • Extending current decant lines out into the dam to achieve correct heights on completion, taking into account the size of the wall and the estimated volume of tailings to be poured during construction.
  • Liaising with many different companies within a small proximity.
  • Maximising waste drying area.
  • Constant design versus actual survey sections to minimise over pour while still achieving the correct levels.


Our design and drafting team produced the design that will provide containment for 3-5 years of tailings based on the current growth per year.

The total design volume to achieve this was 330,000m³ while maintaining the same batter and crest standards as before the lift.

During the construction the drawing provided invaluable guidance for all involved. Constant cross sections were picked up by our surveyors during the construction and compared to the design to maintain the correct profile.

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